Monday, October 8, 2018

Days 6, 7 & 8

It was a great weekend. Unfortunately, I slacked on a few of my pictures...which means today you get 3! It is also a bit of a throwback Thursday; instead of taking new pictures I decided to edit a few older ones that have been sitting on my computer. Enjoy :)

The first? Well, what's possibly shinier than the Bean (errr...I mean, "Cloud Gate")? I went to Chicago for the first time at the beginning of March and it was a really great work trip. It's a big city with a laidback feel, and I could see myself living there if I could handle the weather. It was a very dreary morning and my coworkers and I decided to trek to this very famous sculpture. Definitely worth it, especially since most people didn't want to be out in the pouring rain. This picture does not do the size or the shininess was cool, and I was a shameless tourist.

This next picture is from a solo trip that I took to Steamboat Springs last fall. It was an unexpected, last-minute trip that came after I decided to cancel a trip to Portland and needed some headspace. I took a 4 hour drive to an Air BnB, met a giant Newfie named Chewie, ate almond milk mozzarella, drank wine and chatted advertising with my host (a human, not Chewie), and briefly met his neighbor who was a former-Olympic-Nordic-combined-skier-turned-bear hunter. The trip was wonderfully unplanned from start to finish and was a welcome distraction. I snapped this pic on the deck of the house; I love the contrast of the ground with the fading sky.

And finally, weather. Today would've been PERFECT to take a picture of given that it was a misty, cloudy day. But by the time I realized this, it was already too dark. But that's ok because I came across this picture; I went on a hike in Frisco last October instead of doing laundry, and it was a fantastic decision. This cloudy weather is my favorite to hike in and makes me feel like I can hike for miles. Grateful for views of yellow trees against a heather gray sky.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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