Sunday, October 28, 2018

Switching it up.

Well, friends...I have to admit that I'm not as committed to this photo challenge as I'd like to be. I'm going to take a break to post about different things, and also decide what I want to do as a re-vamp of this blog. Thanks for reading along :).

When I started this blog, I was inspired to take cool pictures and post them, sometimes intertwined with my thoughts and sometimes not. I was a LiveJournal maniac growing up, as well as a fan of Myspace journal entries. Thankfully both of those are long gone, because I definitely treated those as personal journals and not something that the entire internet could view. And by long gone, I mean probably living somewhere that I can no longer access...out of sight, out of mind, right?

I've kept journals consistently since I was little. I had this Lisa Frank diary that had the signature "I think a rainbow threw up on this" look, complete with a cute animal (I think mine had a horse on it?). I didn't particularly care about horses, but I liked the bright colors. My entries consisted of my deepest secrets as defined by a 7 year old, such as the desire to marry all of my secret crushes, venting about my little brother coming into my room, and who my best friends and worst enemies of the minute were. I also even ventured to draw my "future self", complete with pigtails, clogs and lipstick. Nailed it. I keep all of my journals in a plastic tub, and occasionally I'll return to them to see where I've come from and how I've changed (or have I maybe haven't). It fuels my desire for constant self-reflection and self-improvement.

I've always loved writing and so I want this blog to be a reflection of that. This blog spans from 2011 to now, and I have also changed immensely since then. Have I outgrown this blog? Should I move into something different? How do I want to marry my desire to be genuine, my love for people and my love for writing? These are some things that I'll explore over the coming weeks.

I came across the below quote and found it continues to be a constant unlearning of everything I ever thought I knew. But in a good way. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes refreshing, but always good in the end.

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth" - Ludwig Borne

Thanks for reading, friends.

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