Tuesday, August 25, 2020


I've been thinking a lot about memories lately. They've always been fascinating to me...seemingly vivid and rich yet also fickle and fragile. Sights, sounds, and smells can reactivate memories in an instant, whether recent or further back.

The sound of my mom's wedding ring sliding on the laminate countertop as she wipes it clean transports me to childhood.

I see french bread and brie at Sprouts, and I'm back in college with Lindsey as she introduced me to the perfect meal.

Every time I look at my "fancy hipster hats", as I like to call them, I think of Larry who managed the Goorin Bros hat shop. He was also randomly the guy who organized the open mic nights at the bar where I played and sang at my first one. He was incredibly kind when I was so extremely nervous.

I think of Heather, my best friend from high school and part of college. Our friendship is still woven into some phrases I randomly say ("aw look, he's happy!"), or some bands from our high school days that we used to blast from her car windows. I remember her laugh and the way she'd prop up her left foot on the window while driving. I see something that reminds me of her and I wish her well in my thoughts.

Or every time I play shuffleboard, I think of that random, lovely girl at the dive bar in Boulder. She took the time to come in and give me a drunken hug (remember hugs?) and tell me that I was beautiful and she just had to tell me that.

So many memories, so many people leaving an imprint. Some memories constrict my heart with pain or squeeze my insides with awkwardness, some memories light up my face with joy, and most others are well-worn enough to be soft to the touch. All of which give me a chance to recreate and expand on what I love and leave what I don't. We are made up of our experiences. The layers are endless. We can appreciate the people who started the thread and we can continue to weave in new thoughts, experiences, and dreams for our life.

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