Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 19: Landscapes

Hey all. It's been a little while. Luckily there isn't a strict deadline for this photo challenge...

Landscapes. God paints some especially gorgeous ones here in the CO. This particular picture was one I took on a hike up to Lake Isabelle. It was a couple months ago, but I had such a hard time finding a good landscape shot that I figured I could post this. This hike was perfect...perfect weather, perfect scenery, perfect company. Plus we went to get delicious wings afterwards in Nederland. Good day :)

What a week. What a few weeks, actually. I think I'll be able to post consistently again...hopefully! I'll try my best. This past week has been an awesome change of mood from the previous weeks. A mix of pain and joy, with some hope thrown in. The pain makes the joy that much sweeter and much more present. God once again reminds me that he never leaves. I feel good things coming...and good things that are already here. Super thankful for that. And ready for a change! Hope you all are well :)


  1. good things coming, and we got a taste tonight. it was wonderful to pick back up where we left off.