Monday, April 2, 2012

hiatus: the sequel

Gone from facebook again. Taking a breather from the world of distraction and comparison. How does my life compare to other people's lives? Do they have a job? Are they married? Do they have a social life? Talents? All of this is advertised on facebook, and although it can be entertaining and convenient and informative, it can also be toxic. It is also very self-centered for me. How many people care about my life? How many of them can I get to care about my life? We fine-tune our profiles to put our best face forward. Our statuses range from play-by-plays on our most mediocre of life activities ("just ate a delicious sandwich") to glimpses of our deepest feelings ("don't know how much longer I can do this"). The amount of 'likes' or comments determine the success of the status, and therefore implies the importance of your life and your feelings. Sometimes I spend way too much time thinking about what status I should use. I've learned not to use facebook status-writing as therapy.

I have to do these breaks to gain perspective. I'm probably going back to facebook eventually, because there is value in keeping in touch with people I don't stay in contact with otherwise, but it won't consume my thoughts and my time.

I'm also learning about my place in this life. But more to come on that another time.

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