Friday, April 20, 2012


Two of my happy triggers: leaves blooming, and dinner rolls from Costco. I will address each of these in order. First, I just love watching everything come to life again. I always feel more alive in spring and the beginning of summer. Late summer I kind of feel lethargic and sick of heat, and then I come alive again in fall. The seasons of transition, spring and fall, are my favorite...and I know I'm probably not alone in that.

Now, the rolls. When I was younger, my parents would buy the big bag of 30 or so dinner rolls from the Costco bakery. Anyone? Anyone? These became like crack to my friends and I...tear them in half, spread on some butter, microwave ten seconds, and we were in heaven. Then repeat. Now over time, the memory of these rolls drifted away...until today. I went into Costco with my mom and sister for the first time in 8 or so years. I probably shouldn't have been as excited as I was, but it was quite the trip down memory lane. We meandered past all of the samples (taking each one of course) and we were talking about what my parents used to buy at Costco for us kids when we were younger. As soon as I remembered "DINNER ROLLS!", I had to go take a look and grab a bag. Although they aren't quite the same, I can still say they are delicious when buttered and microwaved (what isn't, really?). And they make me happy.

An exciting thing that happened this week: I won bingo twice in a row! Every Wednesday, Fridays does a bingo night at the bar. Yes, this is what my life in Thornton consists of. Haha. But it's actually a lot of fun with the group we have going! And, being that I hardly ever win things, and that I'm a dork, I had to document the winning cards. I won the "X" bingo and the blackout, which was pretty sweet. Prizes were a free appetizer, $5 gift card and $25 cash. Score. It was a good night.

Overall, it's the little things. :)

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