Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Perspective amidst a pandemic.

Hi, friends.

It’s a weird time right now, to say the least. What started out as something happening far enough away that it was perhaps out of sight, out of mind, is now something very much close to home. When we take away all of our means of social, school, bars, restaurants, gym, family, do we feel about what’s left? A lot of people are left in a heavy state of self-reflection. or maybe heavily trying to avoid it. I myself am a huge proponent of self-reflection, but even this feels like a lot.

I’m just trying to make the most of this time, but in talking with my friend the other day we decided that it’s a weird energy to be productive in. In theory, we have all of the time in the world now! Time to pursue our hobbies, establish healthy habits, get more sleep, and more. But...people are sick and dying. Businesses and restaurants are closing, both temporarily and for good. Parents of young kids have to navigate work and childcare AND potential homeschooling. Hourly workers are at risk or out of work. I helplessly watched a friend have to postpone her wedding. And I know many other people have had to cancel or postpone major life events as well.

I’m trying to find that line between staying informed and not fueling mass hysteria. I’m trying to be realistic about what I consider "enough" in terms of food and supplies. I’m trying to figure out how to help, but also sometimes feel a bit helpless. It’s a strange haze to be living in and I know I’m not alone in that feeling.

That said, there are still beautiful things happening and ways to help. My friend Katie is posting about it. I’m seeing emails about it from companies. People are providing financial assistance or a helping hand. Others are buying gift cards to local shops, restaurants and breweries, and others are paying ahead for their future personal care appointments in order to support their stylists and estheticians. Loved ones are connecting through Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime, text and more. These are tethers in an uncertain time, and I’m thankful for them. Let’s find and create more. Now is a time to show up for our people and communities. We’ll get through this together, one day at a time.

Love to you, friends. Stay safe and healthy.

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