Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 5: Whatever You Please

So there is this cute wine shop in an alleyway in Denver right off of 16th...and it's not too big, and not too expensive. Wine has definitely been an acquired taste for me. One time I went to a wine-tasting with one of my friends, and it was super interesting and a lot of fun. We learned that wine "testers" are called sommeliers (so-mall-ee-ays), and they are not allowed to have altoids because they kill your taste buds. And you know, they get paid for their taste buds. And that turkey goes really well with Gewurztraminer (ga-vertz-trah-mee-ner), which is basically a sweet white wine that in German means "spice grapes". Then I dropped a tiny wine glass trying to reach the cheese appetizers, and something along the lines of "someone needs to get cut off!" was said. Mortifying, but amusing.

Anyways, those are some fun facts you can throw around at your next work meeting, wedding, book club, or social outing when things get awkwardly're welcome. Haha :)

Night all!

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