Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is for those who want an update on my new job. I just have my parents asking and that already exhausts me! So here it is. I really love my job. It's only been a couple days, and we will be in the learning process for a couple of weeks (probably more), but I'm enjoying it. I love being a part of the digital world, because that's where the growth is. And I can feel it when I'm at work! Things are always moving, always changing, and new information is coming out every day. I'm online every day and yet I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. And it's really interesting learning about it! I'm not at the place where I can explain it to others yet, but maybe someday. Right now it's just so nice to absorb something again, and something that I feel will make a difference in my life. I love the possibilities of friendship with the other interns and the people that work there. I feel like the seeds for that are being planted. Overall I'm super grateful and excited for new opportunities there :)

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