Friday, May 25, 2012


For Audrey. Best read in the rhythm of "Goodnight Moon". :)

Goodnight building, goodnight carts. Goodnight trash that is in the carts. Goodnight doors that squeak apart. Goodnight customers, and goodnight friends. Goodnight free rewards program. Goodnight musak, goodnight meetings. Goodnight awkward smiles and greetings. Goodnight 5-minute meetings. Goodnight Christmas and Easter rush. Goodnight children, who just won't hush. Goodnight rugs and goodnight mugs. Goodnight signs and goodnight wines (that we don't have). Goodnight service 20, 40 and 10. Goodnight all the select attractive men. Goodnight badge and goodnight phones. Goodnight condescending tones. Goodnight Dan the coffee man. Goodnight coffee, goodnight tea. goodnight people nice to me. Goodnight weird things people say, and goodnight item of the day. Goodnight airs and goodnight cares.         

Goodnight World Markets, everywhere.

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