Sunday, November 25, 2018


The night is cold
The thoughts wear on
It's getting hard to sleep

The day dissolves
Like it was never there
No good is mine to keep

I see no light in this forever night
The pain is just too great

It's not enough, things will never change
This has always been my fate.

But before I step off into the abyss
And say my last goodbyes

A faint voice whispers,
I hear it say
So tonight, I change my mind.

I never knew you, but I wish you would've stayed. Because you were a person and you mattered, and your life mattered. But it's too late, and this world is complicated and taking one's life is juxtaposed with grocery shopping. And it doesn't make sense, and there's no way to make it make sense. So we push forward in the fog and search for the tiny anchors of light and life and love each day that keep us living. Rest in peace.

I hope you stay, friends. You matter very much. There is help, and hope.

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