Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Honest & Genuine.

I wrote the below in my journal the other night. Sometimes I fall into a different space when I write, a space where my heart flows to my pen before my brain really has a chance to think about it. It was one of those entries that I went back to read, and was surprised by the words that had come from me. As if I was reading someone else's words and thinking "yes! That's exactly how I feel!...wait a second, that's me"...funny how that works. So here it is:

"I am beyond restless. I want to scream to the world what is true. I want to demand truth from others. I want love and beauty to come from honesty. I want results. I want my honesty to be their honesty. We come to realize that we mean the same thing.

Unfortunately, that's extremely hard to come by."

I try to be honest with my feelings and genuine in my interactions with people. And I feel like you can never go wrong when you do that, because you're going with your grain instead of against it. Behind all of the weather talk and quick "how are you's", there are people. Actual human beings that deserve to be known and paid attention to. And they probably don't even realize that they want or need that until someone makes that effort to ask "how is your day going?" vs. "how are you?". I've had some of the best and most surprising conversations with the sales associates/baristas/receptionists/everyday people just by making that simple switch.

In this tech-saturated world (guilty: I currently am on my Mac with my iPhone next to me), it's even more important that we fight to know people. Fight to break that barrier and tap in to actually connect. I also truly believe, and have experienced, that honesty and genuineness can beget honesty and genuineness.

So here's to honesty, friends. May you be honest with yourselves and genuine in your interactions with others.


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