Monday, March 19, 2012


I woke up this morning unsettled and discouraged. I had a good quiet time, and just prayed that God would somehow just give me joy for the work day ahead. I came across a quote in the book "Practicing the Presence of People" by Mike Mason, and it sparked an idea. I will write something encouraging on a note. So I did...I wrote a couple bible verses. But then I wanted to write it where I could constantly see I wrote something on my wrist. "Overwhelming flood of love and grace ALWAYS." I chose this because I LOVE the image of being flooded with love and grace. Not just spritzed, not just drizzled, but flooded. I always receive this from God, so why shouldn't I let that overflow to others? In a retail setting, I need this reminder ALL the time. And I think I'm going to write notes on my wrist more often! With the combination of a double-shot iced coffee, the surprise of Audrey working, and nice customers, my day was redeemed a thousand times over. God took my expectations of a crappy day and obliterated them...and I am so thankful. :)

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