Monday, January 9, 2012

"are you gonna lift this madness or are you going to bury me?"

So I was driving down York when I looked over and saw this bull chillin' in the field of a nearby house. I initially drove past, but for some reason it struck me enough to reverse, stop, and take a picture of it. Luckily no cars were coming either way :) That's right, I'm one of those people now. I wish he would've been looking at me for the picture, but I couldn't stop any longer.

Anyways, today was ok. Went down to the Cherry Creek Mall by myself today, and I was actually fine. I don't think it's weird to go to a mall by yourself...people don't even give you a second glance. Plus I didn't have much of a choice since everyone else was busy! And honestly, I hate when that keeps me from doing things. When it comes down to it, who really cares if I'm alone? My day got a whole lot better starting with the winning touchdown of the Broncos in overtime! I'm not a huge football fanatic but even I can agree that it was SWEET! After I went to theMILL and saw a bunch of lovely friends. Then Buffalo Wild Wings to top the night off.

There are things I could write about, but I don't think I have the words. So for now, I'm signing off. Goodnight :)

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